How To Treat And Manage Morton's Neuroma

After weeks or months of suffering from pain and tenderness in the ball of your foot, it can be a relief to be diagnosed with Morton's neuroma. Giving your pain a name is an important first step towards alleviating that pain. But just how do you go about treating and managing Morton's neuroma? Generally, your treatment will be overseen by a podiatrist or foot doctor, and they'll employ one or some of the following options. [Read More]

How To Prevent Problems When You're Standing On Your Feet All Day

Although walking around all day might make you tired at first, standing in one spot with little movement each day is actually worse for you. The same muscles, tendons, and ligaments are put under strain all day, and on top of that, most people do not stand with the best posture. So how can you prevent problems with your feet, legs, and back when your job or other obligations require you to stand relatively still for hours on end? [Read More]

Looking For An Active, Healthy Retirement? How Your Podiatrist Can Help?

Staying active and mobile during the retirement years is an important goal for most Americans who are approaching that phase of life. For most, regular medical and dental care are already part of their plan for achieving this important goal. However, retirees often overlook the importance of medical care for their feet until a specific problem develops. It is much more proactive for retirees to make sure that any plans they make to remain healthy during their retirement years include regular visits to a trusted podiatrist. [Read More]

Preventing Foot Problems When You Don't Like Socks

Foot problems such as corns and calluses are generally harmless unless they cause you pain when you walk. They are also preventable problems, mainly through the use of properly fitting shoes and socks. However, many people really don't like socks, to the point of not wearing them whenever possible. Yet this one act is enough to make your feet develop more corns and calluses. Socks are not only used for looks and for warmth, but for cushioning as well. [Read More]