How To Prevent Problems When You're Standing On Your Feet All Day

Although walking around all day might make you tired at first, standing in one spot with little movement each day is actually worse for you. The same muscles, tendons, and ligaments are put under strain all day, and on top of that, most people do not stand with the best posture. So how can you prevent problems with your feet, legs, and back when your job or other obligations require you to stand relatively still for hours on end? Read on, and learn.

Buy shoes that fit.

Most people just determine their shoe size and then go about buying shoes that are that size. If the shoes are the size they think they wear, they assume those shoes fit. Here's the problem with that approach: shoes also come in different widths. Cheap brands often only make one or two widths, and those widths do not fit everyone. Visit a higher-end shoe store and have your feet professionally measured. Then, look for shoes in the proper size and width. Try them on before you buy them. Resist the temptation to just buy what is cheap. Spending an extra $40 or $50 on better shoes will help keep your feet and legs healthier when you're standing in those shoes all day.

Get professional inserts.

Buying padded shoe inserts from a pharmacy is better than nothing, but if possible, you really should see a podiatrist and have custom inserts made. Bring your shoes to the appointment. The podiatrist will assess the way you stand and the way your shoes fit, and then make inserts that correct your posture accordingly. They may take some pressure off your heels, take some pressure off your arches, and so forth. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you will also be less prone to injuries like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

See a podiatrist at the onset of foot pain.

Many foot problems, like plantar fasciitis and bunions, start off fairly mild. People ignore the issues and hope they will go away, but if they continue spending a lot of time on their feet, the problems just get worse. See a podiatrist at the onset of any foot-related symptoms. They can recommend care — whether that means anti-inflammatory medications, shoe inserts, or foot massages — to keep the problem from becoming so bad it forces you to stop working.

Standing all day is not really good for you, but if this is what's required of you right now, good shoes and help from a podiatrist will get you through!