How To Make Bunion Surgery Recovery Much Easier

If you develop a bony bump on your foot, you have a bunion. When this develops, you may need surgery to remove it. After surgery, recovery can be troublesome, but it doesn't have to be as difficult if you prepare yourself. 

Tell Everyone

Make sure to tell those in your life that you'll be having a bunion surgery so they can help you. It's helpful to have someone bring you something to eat or perform errands while you recover.

Stay Off Your Feet

When you have a bunion, you should elevate your foot to prevent swelling. Try to stay off your feet in the meantime and use an assistive device to get around, such as crutches. Try to spend as much time as possible resting in bed and place anything you need to retrieve in a reachable spot. For example, don't store your plates at the top of the cabinet.

Follow Your Podiatrist's Instructions

Make sure that the stitches after bunion surgery are removed about 2 weeks after surgery. Your foot will probably be bandaged and you will likely need to wear a postoperative shoe for protection. After a period of time has passed, your podiatrist will have you wear a brace. Your podiatrist will routinely request that you have your bandages changed so that there is no infection and the bones in your foot remain aligned. 

Keep Your Home Stocked

While trying to recover from bunion surgery, you should have your fridge and pantry stocked so you don't have to go out while you are recovering from the surgery. Consider cooking meals in advance so you don't have to be on your feet cooking.

Have Ice Packs Ready

Make sure that ice packs are already ready in the freezer. Applying ice to the site of the bunion surgery will not only relieve pain, but will also help you recover more quickly. Do not use ice that is in a plastic bag because it can leak and cause your bandages to become wet. Instead, you are better off with disposable or re-usable ice packs.

Recovery is on the Horizon

Fortunately, after bunion surgery, you will have much less pain and there are a lot more things you'll be able to do. However, the recovery process can be very long. You may feel mostly recovered after six weeks, but full recovery typically takes months. Your feet will be swollen to a certain degree until you have completely recovered.