Naturally Alleviate Pain Associated With A Sprained Ankle

If you fell while playing racquetball at a local community center and sprained your ankle as a result, following the advice that a podiatrist, like the ones found at, provides you with is your best option. You may still experience moments in which your ankle is causing you discomfort, making it unbearable to rest or place weight on your foot. The following tips will naturally reduce pain and swelling so that you can bear with your current condition in an easier manner while recovering.

Homemade Compress And Elastic Ankle Band

Fill a small cotton pillow case or tube sock with dry beans, rice, or lentils. Sew the end of the pillowcase or sock with needle and thread or a sewing machine. Briefly heat the compress inside of a microwave oven for a minute or two. Place a wide elastic ankle band over your foot so that it covers your ankle completely. Wedge the compress inside of the band so that it is directly against your ankle. The heat that is emitted from the compress will reduce swelling around your ankle, which will increase blood flow. The heat will also help alleviate pain. 

Elevation On A Cooling Pad

Place several pillows in a stack at the foot of your bed or couch. Lay a battery-operated cooling pad across the top pillow and lay down on either piece of furniture before placing your ankle directly against the pad. The coolness will numb your ankle after several minutes. As a result, the throbbing in your pain will subside. Elevating your ankle will prevent blood from pooling, which could place additional pressure on the injured portion of your foot.

Epsom Salt And Aromatic Herbal Oils

Fill a bath tub or shallow pan with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of epsom salt to the tub or pan and use a large spoon stir the salt until it dissolves. Place your foot inside of the saltwater and relax. During the soaking process, wear an eye mask and listen to soft music to help take your mind off of your injured foot.

Once pain subsides, dry your foot with a soft towel and gently massage a few drops of an aromatic herbal oil around the injured ankle. The oil will keep your skin, soft and supple, and will help reduce tension in your ankle area. Soak your foot as often and for as long as needed to attain the best results.