What To Expect With Ankle Injury Reovery

In sports part of the game unfortunately involves injuries, but luckily for athletes sports medicine has come a very long way. One of the most common injuries in sports are to ankles. There are many different aspects of sports equipment that try and prevent ankle injuries, but they do occur. An ankle injury can be hard to recover from, but do not be worried because you can make a recovery from most ankle injuries. Here are a few things that you can expect when receiving ankle injury therapy. 


It is going to be very important that you gain the strength, motion, and flexibility back in your ankle. You are going to be put through a series of exercises that are going to aid in the recovery of your ankle. Many of these exercises are not going to be fun, and many of them might be a bit painful. Do your very best to work with the therapist in doing the exercises because they will speed up the recovery of your ankle. Often when doing exercises you will incorporate a resistance band. The resistance band will help you to regain the strength, full range of motion, and flexibility back into your ankle. 

Light Therapy

One therapy that is starting to become more popular is light therapy. The great thing about this type of therapy is that it is not painful in the least bit. Light therapy consists of the doctor putting a wand emitting light waves over the injury. The light therapy utilizes different light waves to penetrate the ankle and prompt your body to fix itself. The different light waves actually stimulate the nerves and other parts of your ankle to start to rebuild themselves. The therapy is very effective in helping the ankle heal properly. 

Electrical Therapy

Another form of therapy that you should not be surprised to undergo is electrical therapy. Your therapist is going to put electric nodes around the injury and stimulate the muscle and nerves using an electrical pulse. The electrical pulse can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is usually not painful. The electrical pulse allows for increased blood flow to the area. The electrical impulses also stimulate the body to start to reconstruct the tissue. This type of therapy has seen great results and is a very common form of therapy for an ankle sprain. 

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